St John’s staff are committed to providing nurturing care.

When parents meet our teachers for the first time they are genuinely impressed with the respect, care and attention they give children. It is often a determining factor as to why our school is chosen over others.

We believe it is this ‘lead-by-example’ principle that sees so many of our students commended for their good manners and behaviour, for their respect and empathy for others, and for their general leadership and resilience.

Our staff proactively demonstrate their Christian values and professionalism and have a genuine passion for teaching and enabling each child to develop to the best of their individual potential.

We have many staff who have been with the school for a long time, testament to their commitment and loyalty to our school community. We are grateful for their experience, their ability to continually innovate with new programs and that they view our school community like their family away from home.

We acknowledge that every student in our school is an individual with their own set of unique needs. We have developed a school behaviour management program to manage the relationships within our school. Should any relationships break down we have a system of processes in place to take action where required. Teaching staff use drama, role-play and stories to assist in delivery of this program and while positive reinforcement and proactive strategies are used, students are also taught that all choices have consequences. The school also operates a buddy program.

The school also has the services of a School Pastor.