Smart uniforms designed for functionality and distinction.

The wearing of a school uniform at St John’s is compulsory. Sports uniform and regular day uniforms are worn on designated days as indicated through class or school newsletters.

The uniform is only available through the school’s uniform shop. Good quality pre-loved uniforms are acceptable and are also available through the uniform shop.

By wearing a uniform, students are professional in presentation and gain pride as well as respect in self and school. The uniform gives clear identification of the school and its students. If wearing the uniform out of school hours, students are to view themselves as ambassadors of the school. It is important that the uniform is worn correctly and students behave in a manner that befits a student of St John’s Lutheran Primary School.

(Parents are reminded that all articles of clothing are to be clearly named.)

Boy’s day uniform
  • Shirt: Navy, white blended check with a red thread – sleeve has cuff on bias and navy piping – pocket on bias with white embroidered school name on left breast, button front, inverted pleat action back.
  • Shorts: Ink Navy – pleated front dress short, wash and wear.
  • Socks: Short ink navy socks (not anklets).
  • Shoes: Plain black leather lace-up or velcro (sandals, boots and canvas style shoes such as volleys are not acceptable).
  • Hat: Ink navy with embroidered school crest
Girl’s day uniform
  • Dress: Navy, white blended check with a red thread, white collar, navy tie, white embroidered school name on left breast, button front, drop waisted style with band on the hip and pleated skirt, sleeves with white cuff and navy piping, action back and zip side pocket.
  • Socks: Short plain white socks (not anklets).
  • Shoes: Plain black leather lace-up or velcro (sandals, slip-ons with buckles, boots or canvas styles shoes such as volleys are not acceptable).
  • Hat: Ink navy with embroidered school crest.
Unisex sports uniform
  • Shirts: Polyester microfibre knit, red front and back, navy sleeves and collar with white trim and navy embroidered school name.
  • Shorts: Ink navy microfibre, elastic waisted with printed logo (white) on left leg.
  • Socks: White cotton sports sock, navy and red band.
  • Shoes: Plain black leather runners (basketball style not acceptable).
  • Hat: As per day uniform.
  • House shirts: Yellow polo shirts for Biar House, blue polo shirts for Reuther House.
Winter uniforms

To be worn during colder months only (usually June to August).

  • Pants: Ink navy microfibre tracksuit pants with printed school logo (white) on left leg (Part of sports uniform only).
  • Sports Jacket: Ink navy microfibre with zip front, and printed school logo (white) on left breast (Part of sports uniform only).
  • Jumper: Knitted ink navy polyester/cotton “V” neck with embroidered school crest on left breast (Formal dress uniform only).
  • Trousers: Ink navy, wash and wear pleated front (optional item for boys).
  • Stockings: Ink navy (optional item for girls).
  • To be clean, tidy and in a moderate style.
  • Shoulder length and longer hair should be tied back using hair accessories in school colours.
  • Hair accessories are to be functional for the purpose of holding hair in place rather than ornamental.
  • Hair is to be the student’s natural colour (ie not dyed or coloured).
  • Hair is to be of a moderate style i.e. not clipped below 3.
  • No ‘flashes’, razor cuts, undercuts or other severe variations in hair length are permitted.

For Workplace Health and Safety reasons, it is preferred that no jewellery be worn at all – however the following is permitted:

  • Earrings – one in lower lobe of ear – small, plain sleepers or studs (studs preferred for safety reasons).
  • Cross on a plain chain.
  • Plain watch.
  • No jewellery – including watch – is permitted to be worn for sport.

N.B. Jewellery worn for medical purposes will be permitted.

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