Affordable fees with many notable inclusions.

As a private school we offer value for money education. Our fees are term based and allow for sibling discounts.

We also have levies for resources, building fund and P&F.

Fee ScalePer TermPer Year
Tuition Fees per student
1st Student $655.00$2,620.00
2nd Student (10% Discount)$589.50$2,358.00
3rd Student (50% Discount)$327.50$1,310.00
4th Student (100% Discount)$0.00$0.00
Year 5 Camp CostTBATBA
Year 6 Camp CostTBATBA
Student Levies (per Student)
Resource Levy$125.00$500.00
Additional Levies (per Family)
P&F Levy (voluntary)$30.00$210.00
Building Fund Donation (voluntary)$50.00$200.00

Please download our fee outline below.

Fee Schedule