Student Attendance

Information regarding student’s arrival, departure, leave and absences is outlined below:


Students should arrive at school no later than 8.30am. Session 1 starts at 8:45am. Students arriving late to school are to report to the school office to acknowledge attendance and receive a late pass to give to the class teacher. A note explaining absences is required.

Extended leave

The Principal’s permission is to be sought should extended holidays be considered for a student.

Leaving school grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds unaccompanied during the school day.

Absence during the day

All absences must be explained in writing and handed to the class teacher. The school is required (by law) to keep a record of student absences.

Early departure

Notes requesting early departure are also to be handed to classroom teacher. Students who are ill during the day are sent to the office for attention. Office staff will then contact parents if a child is too ill to return to lessons.



What age can my child start Prep?

To be eligible your child must be 5 Years of age by the 30th June in the year they start Prep.

Children who are younger than the prescribed age for Prep may be enrolled in Prep if:

  • they turn 5 years by 31 July in the year of proposed attendance; and
  • the principal is satisfied the child is ready for education in Prep, having regard to their attributes (including ability, aptitude, social and emotional competence, physical development, and level of knowledge and understanding).

Do you need to be a Lutheran or be baptised to attend St John’s?

  • No, St John’s is a school that caters for all.
  • The school was established to provide Christian education within a caring environment and encompasses the complete development of children in all aspects of their being – intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • Students are taught the foundational understanding of Christian faith, as understood by the Lutheran Church of Australia.
  • St John’s Lutheran Primary School follows ACARA national curriculum and Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority syllabus as mandated by the State and Federal Governments.

Where can I get a copy of the book list for my child by year level?

The booklist is available through the school office or directly from the supplier – AASTAT which is situated at 13b Electra Street, Bundaberg.

Where can I buy school uniforms?

The uniform shop is open:

  • Tuesday 8.15 – 9.00a.m.
  • Thursday 2.30 – 3.30p.m.

How can I contact my student’s teacher?

Contact can be made either through the school office or by writing a note directly to the class teacher.

Will my child be using an iPad or computer at school?

Your child will use both iPads and laptops during their enrolment at St John’s.

Is my child allowed to bring his/her iPad/laptop to school?

Presently, students are supplied with access to iPads or laptops for school use.

In Years 3 – 6 our ratio of ICT access is one-to-one. That is, every child has access to either an iPad or Laptop.

In Years P-2 our ratio for ICT access is one-to-two.

Is there a school dental program?

The Queensland government based Dental Van Service visits the school approximately every 18 months.  Parents can contact the Dental Service directly via phone.

How much money does my child need to bring for the service offering?

A gold coin offering is suggested.

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