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When choosing a school, parents often look for the right ‘fit’ for their child. A school that offers a good balance of everything is sought after, but ultimately the environment of the school and the ‘gut’ feeling one gets when they meet the staff, see the school first-hand and understand specifically what is offered, can be the real reason a school is chosen.

Time and time again, parents of St John’s students say they choose the school for the guiding values the school lives by and the uplifting culture you feel around the school.

At St John’s, students learn how to develop good character. They grow to understand that it is more important to be someone of steadfast authentic principles -showing respect and being a good friend to others – rather than being focused on their achievements. Ultimately, it’s about them understanding it’s about the type of person they become in life, rather than what they will do in life.

A great way to get a feel for St John’s as a School is to meet current parents and hear what they have to say about the School and the community.

Meet two parents whose children are currently enrolled at the School.

Meet Rue and her boys.

Rue and her husband are local Veterinarians who emigrated from Zimbabwe. They settled in Bundaberg and have found the community at St John’s to be one that is warm and welcoming. They have two boys enrolled at St John’s.

“Our boys are thriving here. We couldn’t be happier with how much they have grown and developed each year whilst at this school. We genuinely feel part of the community and are so relieved to have found a school where we all belong.”

Meet Kasey and her girls.

Kasey and her husband live in central Bundaberg and have a strong connection to the School community. They have two girls enrolled in St John’s. They are Ella and Emmy.

“We chose St John’s because of strong leadership and the caring values on display, which is what we, as a family, want for our daughters.”

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