A contemporary curriculum for curious and creative learners.

The curriculum at St John’s is based on the Australian Curriculum. The children are taught the essential skills in literacy and numeracy in conjunction with the following core subjects; Christian Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Arts and Technology.

In addition we provide specialist tuition in music, Japanese and Health and Physical Education to encourage confidence, resilience and competence and a well-rounded education.

Our caring staff structure learning experiences that focus on the individual developmental needs of the students in their early years of schooling. We believe young children have a natural curiosity and that each student has their own needs and interests. Any learning gaps are identified and appropriate programs are put in place to help the individual.

As well as academic programs, the school offers a variety of co-curricular pursuits with students encouraged to make the most of opportunities in drama, music and sporting teams.

Curriculum delivery is supported by the following:
  1. A comprehensive assessment cycle across all year levels. The data from this is used to inform planning for units of work so activities meet the needs of groups and individuals within the classroom
  2. Term planning and yearly overview plus unit plans placed on school intranet
  3. Parents regularly informed of classroom activities
  4. Formal homework program to support classroom teaching
  5. Volunteers working in classrooms to help in group rotations, individual assistance, Support-a-Reader
  6. Portfolios of work kept at each year level
  7. Specialist teachers in Japanese, Health and Physical Education and library and research
  8. Learning Support Teacher to work with teachers in planning for individual needs of students
  9. Whole school spelling program
  10. Use of iPads and laptops with a 1:2 in Prep – Year 2 and 1:1 Years 3 – 6
  11. BeeBots, Edison Robots, Lego EV3 Robots and drones
  12. Specialist literacy and numeracy program
  13. Swimming instruction for Prep to Year 6
  14. Intra-school sports rotations in Prep to Year 2
  15. Inter-school sports competitions in Years 4 – 6

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